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I always get asked, “Does being a pediatrician make you concern a lot more or less about your children?” To be sincere with you, I believe it is a bit bit of both. I am a lot more comfortable taking care of a viral health problem as well as minor bumps as well as bruises, however my understanding of different illness as well as severe health problem always makes me concern about the worst-case when it pertains to youth emergencies.

I have the high-end of understanding what needs instant attention, what can be treated with Motrin or Tylenol, or what things can wait up until the next day to see if there is an improvement.

But not everybody does!

The concern of the unknown brings tons of parents to the er daily. It is difficult to understand when your bit one’s temperature is thought about dangerous, what type of stomach pain is serious, as well as when it is proper to phone call your physician at 3 am. So today I want to response some typical concerns parents have relating to youth emergencies as well as when to go to the emergency space or wait to seek consultation with your pediatrician.

Common youth emergencies as well as Symptoms

Today we will go over a few of the typical symptoms of a lot more severe illnesses. Unfortunately, we can’t potentially cover whatever here. I have never told a parent it was a error to bring their kid in to be evaluated. The truth is when you ended up being a parent, you establish a new instinct. You understand your child. as well as you understand if something isn’t rather right. If your instinct tells you something is off, you must instantly have your kid evaluated.

If the physician states your kid is fine however you still feel there is something extremely wrong, have them re-evaluated. As parents, we are our children’s only voice! It is crucial to be proactive as well as even aggressive when it pertains to your child’s well-being as well as healthcare needs. Also lasst uns anfangen!

1. Fever in a Newborn

It is very crucial to comprehend that health problem as well as fever in the very first 3 months of life can be extremely dangerous. A fever for a 1-month-old is extremely different than a fever for a 2-year-old. If your newborn feels warm or there is a modification in their feeding or sleeping pattern, it is crucial to take their temperature immediately. the most precise method to take a temperature is by utilizing a rectal thermometer.

Anything above 100.4 degrees is a fever as well as needs instant attention. You must get in touch with your pediatrician as well as take your infant to them or head directly to the nearest emergency room.

2. Fever That Does Not respond to medication or Lasts a long Time

We have lots of parents who come to the er since they have treated their child’s fever with medications as well as the fever is not resolving. It is very crucial that you understand the ideal dosing of Tylenol as well as Motrin. If you are having difficulty controlling the fever, phone call your pediatrician to make sure the dose is correct. If you are providing the proper dose as well as the temperature won’t budge, it is crucial to have your kid evaluated.

A fever from a chilly or virus can last 5-to-7 days. However, if fever persists longer, it warrants a trip to the doctor’s office to figure out why the fever isn’t resolving.

3. serious Headache ”“ With or Without Fever

There are lots of things that can cause a headache, some less severe than others. If your kid is experiencing an very unpleasant headache that isn’t responding to the proper dose of pain reducer, it is crucial to go to the emergency space as well as have your kid evaluated, particularly if that headache is gone along with by fever, vomiting, or a lot of significantly neck pain. These might be indications of meningitis.

In addition, if your kid has experienced a head injury as well as is complaining of a headache or is vomiting, instantly take them to the closest ER.

4. High Fever with Drooling as well as Inability to Swallow

All kids have a tough time swallowing while battling a sore throat. However, if your kid has a modification in their voice, inability to swallow their own saliva, or high fever, an instant examination is warranted.

5. problem Breathing

I would state that after fever, cough is the next a lot of typical problem we see in the emergency room. When kids are battling a cold, their body’s natural defense is to cough. Cough is a lot more concerning when coupled with high fever or problem breathing, which needs instant attention. If your kid is complaining of breast tightness, problem breathing, or you notice that they are breathing quicker than usual, you must take your kid to the physician to be evaluated.

6. unexpected stomach Pain

Depending on your child’s age, sudden belly pain can be from lots of different things. GI bugs can cause abdominal pain connected with vomiting as well as diarrhea. Jedoch,Wenn sich Ihr Kind über anhaltende Schmerzen beschwert, insbesondere wenn der Schmerz auf der idealen Unterseite gefunden wird, kann dies ein Hinweis auf eine Blinddarmentzündung sein.

Darüber hinaus können viele zugrunde liegende Krankheiten sowie Krankheiten mit Erbrechen vorhanden sein. Es ist entscheidend, dass Ihr Kind untersucht wird, ob es sowohl Bauchschmerzen als auch Erbrechen erlebt. Außerdem ist ein vermindertes Wasserlassen ein entscheidender Hinweis auf die Dehydration. Wenn Ihr Kind extremes Erbrechen sowie Durchfall mit vermindertem Wasserlassen, trockenem Mund und Lippen sowie einer verstärkten Schläfrigkeit hat, müssen Sie Ihren Arzt sofort anrufen.

7. Humpeln oder Gelenkschmerzen ohne ein verstandenes Trauma

Bein-, Arm- oder Gelenkschmerzen müssen nicht unbedingt auf eine Verletzung zurückzuführen sein. Wenn sich Ihr Kind über Schmerzen in ihren Gelenken oder Extremitäten beschwert und es keine verstandene Verletzung gibt, suchen Sie sich medizinisch auf, insbesondere wenn Ihr Kind ebenfalls Fieber hat.

Letzte Gedanken zu Jugendnotfällen sowie ihrer Symptome

Wenn Sie eine Frage oder Bedenken hinsichtlich der Gesundheit Ihres Kindes haben, rufen Sie Ihren Arzt an, um eine Bewertung zu erhalten. Wenn Ihr Kind irgendeine Art dieser Symptome hat, warten Sie nicht, um eine Behandlung zu suchen! Jugend -Notfälle können erschreckend sein, aber es ist nie schlechte Optionen, einen Krankenwagen zu bezeichnen oder eine Reise in die Notaufnahme oder eine dringende Pflege zu machen. Nehmen Sie immer Ihre Elterninstinkte ein!

~ Dr. Katie

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